Transforming Soundwave




This instructable will show how to transform the Decepticon Soundwave with his two tape cassets Laserbeak and Ravage.

Step 1: Transformation Pt 1

To begin easily we'll start with a cassette Laserbeak

Step 2: Transformation Pt 1a)

For Laserbeak, turn him on his side and pull out the legs from the bottom, pull out the wings from the sides and pull the head out from the center. Place the guns in between the two wings.

Step 3: Transformation Part 1b)

Moving onto Ravage pull the legs from the bottom out and have Ravage stand on his feet. Pull the tail and the headup and place the guns near his back legs.

Step 4: Transformation Part 2

Pull the legs from both sides of Soundwave and straighten them out. Unfold the feet from the bottom of the feet.

Step 5: Transformation Pt 3

Pull the arms from behind and push them to connect to the body. Remove the batteries from the back of Soundwave. Lift the arms up and pull out the hands. Place one of the batteries near the spot beside soundwave's head. Pull his head up and turn to make him face forward.

Step 6: Transformation Pt 4

Extend the last battery and place the gun piece inside it and place it in Soundwave's hand. Thank you for looking at this instructable.

Step 7:



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    And I thought I was the only person on the planet who still had one of these. Of course, yours is in much better shape!

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