Transforming a Photo Into a Zombie

Introduction: Transforming a Photo Into a Zombie

Wanna transform a sweet photo into a gruesome photo for free? Well I have just what you need.

Items required:

- Computer (XP or Mac)
- Any photograph
- Paint.NET (Download Here ) [Free]
- Difficulty: 4/10

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Step 1: Starting Photo/Making the Face

You can begin with your own photo or one off of the internet. Make sure it is a real photo, not like clip art or a cartoon. I have attached my Before photo. This is just a photo I got of off Google Images. First, you want to download the photo. Make sure the website you download it from is secure. You don't want to download a virus.

Next step, download Paint.NET. I gave the download link on the first step. If you already have it, that is fine. (Download time: Appx. 3-4 mins.)

Next, open the photo on Paint.NET. You then want to go to the color chart at the bottom right, click the "more" button, and than there you will see many more options.

Next, on your keyboard, press CTRL + Shift + N . This will add a new "layer." This is crucial.

Next, on the "Hex" box, type in 007F0E . This will bring up a forest green. Next, go down to the bottom of the Color box, and you should see something that says "Transparency - Alpha. Set that to 60.

Then select the circle tool.

After that, go to the top of the screen, and you should see where it says "Tool: *picture of circle* | *picture of circle intersecting a square." After you see this, click once on the Circle and the square. The Circle should be a solid red and the square should be a solid blue.

After that, drag a circle over the face on the photo. Don't worry if it intersects the hair or not.

You shouldn't worry because now you are going to select the eraser tool in the tool box and erase around the face. This will make the face look green, giving it a sort of "zombish" appearance.

Step 2: Blood

Here comes the fun part! Take the marker tool, make sure the Brush Width of it in just on 2.

Then for the Hex Color, type in FF0000 . Make sure the Transparency is at full 225.

Next, draw blood marks where ever you want on the face and clothes. Make sure the edges of the blood look rough, instead of looking just smooth. It will enhance the photo a lot more that way.

When you're done adding the blood, go to the very top of the screen, find the "Effects" drop down menu, go under "Photo" and select "Red Eye Removal."

Set the "Tolerance" and "Saturation Percentage" both on 100.

Click ok and on your key board, press CTRL +Shift + F . This will merge your photo.

Step 3: Final Results

The photo is done, and it is time to reveal your photo. On your keyboard, press CTRL + Shift + S and save it where ever you like. Please leave a comment of how it worked out for you. I have attached my final photo.

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