Transforming High Waisted Shorts

Intro: Transforming High Waisted Shorts

Supplies needed: Scissors, pen, jeans from thrift shop, straw, bleach, bedazzler, washing machine, studs, iron-on patch, and iron.
1) Mark the jeans at the length you wish to cut them.
2) Cut the jeans at where you marked them. 
3) Take the shorts to a safe area outside, use the straw to splatter bleach on the shorts. (wear clothes you don't mind getting bleach on)
4) leave the shorts outside for about an hour. 
5) Put the shorts into the washer to get a nice fray, and to clean off the bleach.
6) Put the shorts into the dryer.
7) Iron on patch at your desired area, hold for 30-45 seconds. (optional)
8) Use the bedazzler to apply studs in desired pattern. 



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    Forn Man

    5 years ago on Introduction

    These look great! I can't wait to make a pair myself. JF