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About: I love upcycling trash into treasures, especially creating small things like jewelry and gems.

Hi there, fellow crafter!

There are not many ways to make translucent gemstones without using resin, which not everybody owns.

So here's a very simple and cheap upcycling method to make your own custom gems for jewelry, cosplay, decoration... You name it!

So let's gather our weapons! (see chart)

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Step 1: Destroy a Bottle

You will need one of those classic bottles with a flower-shaped bottom, and cut off one of the "petals" or "feet", whatever you want to call it ;)

The bigger the bottle, the bigger the gemstone! (see chart)

Nail scissors work great, but any pair of scissors will do, unless they are too weak or dull.

So basically it already has the shape of a gemstone, you just need to cut it so it looks symmetrical from above and flat on the back.

Step 2: Destroy a Hot Glue Stick

Next, you can take out any anger on an unsuspecting hot glue stick. Just take some sharp scissors and cut small pieces off the ends of the stick.

Warning: They will fly all across your room and maybe at you, trying to avenge the poor glue stick.

Leave some bigger pieces and cut the tiniest pieces you can make as well, because they will be useful later.

Step 3: Make a Transparent Color

If you want colourful gems, there are two methods:

But I found an even better way!
Take a felt tip pen or a fineliner that's not permanent and use a surface that the pen doesn't stick to, like plastic, aluminium foil, glass etc.

Then paint on it to get some ink on there, pour some glue on it and stir the ink with the glue.

You can also mix colors, which is pretty nice.

Fun fact: Some inks changed their colour in contact with the glue, which can be fun to watch (see the video)

Step 4: Coat the Crystals

Throw in the "crystal pieces" you made before and cover them in the glue.

Spread everything out and let it dry.. and look at the nice transparent color you get.

I mean, it's not the colour I expected from a dark green pen, but I love it!

Step 5: Fill the Gemstone

Next put any school glue inside the plastic piece. Then add the bigger crystals and push them into the center with a toothpick.

Make sure that nothing sticks out on the backside and leave the outer edge for now - the smaller pieces will go there lateron.

Let that dry for a few minutes, then add more glue to the edge and add the tiny pieces.

Continue until everything is covered and again try to make the backside as flat as possible.

Step 6: Optional: Make Jewelry or Kechchains

Behold, your gemstones are done!

If you want to make a locket or pendant, just poke a hole into the plastic with a map tack before you add the crystals and leave some space for a jump ring.

Add a jump ring and you can make jewelry or keychains.

Hope you liked this idea!


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    7 weeks ago

    How did I just find this? I guess I was away a while! This is awesome!!!!!!!! I want to try it!

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    Reply 6 weeks ago

    Aw thank you attosa :D I have been away a lot too :) glad you like it!

    Penolopy Bulnick

    4 months ago

    Very nice idea, I like how you used the hot glue sticks :)

    You could enter this into the Pocket Sized Contest!

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    RandomonaPenolopy Bulnick

    Reply 4 months ago

    Thanks Penolopy! :)

    Yeah I was thinking that too, but I think I can only enter in one contest and chose the trash to treasure one ^^