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I love hearing and learning about what countries people are from and where they have travel in the world. Its always fascinating to find out where people have visited and what brought them there.

In addition to knowing where people have traveled I like to map elevation levels. For my midterm I wanted to explore new ways of developing a lamp with multiple switches. I developed the look and feel of my lamp from lines that topographical maps contains.

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Step 1: Laser Cut

Laser cut the shapes you would like for you lamp

Step 2: Use a Wooden Rod and Line With Copper Tape

Take the rod and line the left and right side of the rod with copper tape

Step 3: Solder Led to Copper Tape

Solder copper tape to the positive and negative side of the led

Step 4: Wrap LED and Copper Tape Around Ring

Wrap the LED around the circumference of the ring.

Secure the end of the LED with copper tape

Be sure to alight the copper tape wit the copper tape that is on the wooden rod

When the positive and negative copper tape on the rod line up with the copper tape on the ring the LED lights up

The copper tape on the rod connect the left side to the positive side to the 3V battery, connect the right side of the 3V battery to the negative side.

Step 5:

overhead view of the topographical lines overhead

Step 6: Video of Lamp

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    1 year ago

    That would be an awesome way to remember a place you like, make a topographical map you can use! Great idea :)