Transparent Lampshade Design




What do you need?

• 200 x 150 cm Plexiglas Thickness: 3mm

Optionally color and texture may vary dependent.

• Plexiglass adhesive (Chloroform)

• electrical wiring

• 8 watts color night light

Step 1: Do Yourself Template

First of all we need to model our design in 3d platform. To make it 3d i used software called 3dsmax. When modelling is over, i exported the file as designlampshade.obj . To break the pieces of object i used software called Autodesk 123make. I imported the obj. file that i created with import option.

I checked the option ‘radikal syles’ from the segment ‘construction Technique’ which is placed left side of the wiewport. I made center adjustment from ‘siles direction’ part . In the ‘object size‘ section i placed piece count of our parts . I adjusted thickness of our parts with ‘manufacturing setting’ option.

All arrangement of the pieces;

Get plans > export > lampshadedesign.dxf

Step 2:

Step 3:

After the final check of all measurements, i proceed the laser cut operation.

I loaded the file that i saved as Dfx file format into a laser cut program. I placed the plexiglass in position at laser cuter and cutted every piece of it separetly.

Important note: Assigning numbers to pieces is important because pieces will be in different measuraments.

My Template Files:

Step 4:

I placed them together with placement order and fixed them with rubber band. To glue them together i used chloroform.

Important note: Don't smell it. It has narcotic effect. Use it in outdoors.

Video link: How to use cloroform?

I used it with syringe. A little drop was enough at intersection points of parts. It was left to dry off. To fix it better, glue them in both sides.

Step 5: Finally :)

Socket, wire and lamp setup is placed on the spot where the lamp will be placed.

Goog LUCK :) !!!



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