Transparent Shelf




Introduction: Transparent Shelf

The shelf is made from two acrylic sheets (1/2 inch thick).

Each sheet is folded, forming a U.

We are going to hang the shelf from the ceiling.

Step 1: Drilling

The drilling must be done ate the 4 corners of the sheet.

The sheet is 40 x 30 inches

the distance should be of 2x2 inches.

Drilling hole : 1/2 inch.

Step 2: Folding

To fold an acrylic sheet you will need to use a straight oven heating element and an appropriate dimmer.

Folding an acrylic sheet this thick requires practice. Making a cut where the plastic will fold is a must to keep the folding clean (the cutting can be made with a router, depth of cut : 5/32").

Step 3: Hanging

We start drilling the ceiling and place a concrete anchor in the hole and an eye bolt.

The shelf is hanged by 6 Gripple N°2. the diameter of the wire rope is 5/64".

Step 4: Mid Point

First let's run the wire rope through the first "U".

Place 2 Gripples after the first hole.

with the help of the Gripples, you can tune the height and the position.

Second, place the wire rope close to the wall to figure out where you will have to drill and place another eye bolt.

Step 5: Bottom

Repeat the same operation with the second "U" and place the last 2 Gripples at the end of the rope.

Again, you need to find the good position of the drilling with the wire rope.

With the use of these last Gripple you will be able to tension the all shelf.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    These are some pretty snazzy shelves! I'm excited to see more like this from you in the future!