Translucent Stone Slabs

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Intro: Translucent Stone Slabs

This is not a really trick or something, but some (strange) feature in Minecraft. Stone slabs are translucent when lit from below. So you can create nice patterns in dark rooms. To my knowledge mobs do not spawn on slabs, so you should be safe to create it without going to risk a flood of mobs.

Step 1: Dig a One Block Hole

Step 2: Place a Torch Inside

Step 3: Cover With Stone Slabs

Step 4: Dim the Light

Once external light sources are dimmed or removed you will see the torches through the stone steps.



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    ThomasK19Bonnie is a girl

    Reply 2 years ago

    Minecraft is full of wonders :-)

    Below another view into my storage room.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Of course :-) Strange though to see a translucent stone!