Transplant Volunteer Tomatoes

Introduction: Transplant Volunteer Tomatoes

This is a easy way to get a ton of tomatoes off of some soon to be hardy volunteers.
I will usually nurse these heavily for the first three days after transplant. After that water as needed with the rest of the garden. Hope you can use this

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Step 1: Find a Needy Volunteer

You can see in my garden I have a empty spot that grows uncontrolled. This is my volunteer ground. I have given away about twenty plants in mass. Now that it's getting into the waiting part of gardening, I will use my free time to give some of these guys a hardy bucket for growth.
I narrow my search down to a small plant that is right beside a dandelion. Once I get down to business I discover that it is actually 3 plants. I'm going to continue on with the plan and put them all in the same bucket.

Step 2: Find a Bucket

Easy peazy

Got an old bucket half full of growing soil.

Step 3: Dig Her Up

When I dig up the plant I make sure and get the whole root ball. By digging all the plants in an eight inch diameter ball, I'm sure to get the entire thing. Now make a big hole in your potting soil and put her in.
Important step:
Add 3 tablespoons of Epsom salt to the soil before watering. This will ensure the plant gets plenty of needed magnesium.
Water into a soupy muddy cocktail, and leave it in the direct sunlight.
It's good to stay on top of watering for the first three days. A little in the morning and in the late afternoon.

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