Trash Can Riding

Introduction: Trash Can Riding

If your kids complain about bringin the trash can in. Here is how I solved that problem.

There isn't much to this instructable, and you will need the right driveway and trash can to do this, but it's fun so I wanted to share.

Step 1: Build and Ride

If you have a trash can with bottom wheels and a large enough handle. Find two chair casters or any other wheel with built in mount. I put wood blocks into the handle and drilled holes for the casters. Two screws added for holding everything in place. You will have to mount your wheels how ever you can.

Flip the can on it's side and hop on. Of course helmets for the kids.

Disclaimer: There is no steering or brakes, so ride at your own risk. This will also scratch your can up pretty bad and we have already gone through two casters. However the kids fight to bring the trash can in now......

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