Trash Hacking: Making Seed Saving Bags Out of Packaging

Introduction: Trash Hacking: Making Seed Saving Bags Out of Packaging

Even if you are an avid homesteader, packaging seems to accumulate. What's up with that? Here is one way of dealing with some of it by making your own storage bags for seed saving. When you buy a pack of mason jars it comes with a plastic outer wrapping. Why? It's not like it keeps them sterile or anything, but whatever.

You will need a heat sealer for this, and some trash.

Start by cutting a piece that is twice as long as the bag you intend to make, and about half an inch wider.

Step 1: Sealing the Bag

Of course all bag sealers are not built the same, and they all need to be adjusted for the material you are sealing, so do a couple tests first. Then fold your plastic shortways and seal one of the sides.

Step 2: Seal Other Side

Once you have a good seal, go ahead and heat seal the other side. As soon as that is done you can put your seeds in because you now have three sides to your bag.

Step 3: Closing the Bag

Finally do the last seal making sure to keep the seed away from the heat elements.

Step 4: Sealed for Future Use

And there you have it, ready to stash away until the right season comes around again. Note: if you make you bag extra long you will have room to reseal it again when you open it but don't use all the seeds.

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