Trash Can Made of Plastic Bottles




Introduction: Trash Can Made of Plastic Bottles

Hi there here, this it´s about a trash can made up of plastic bottles, its a little bit laborious but it worth it spend a little bit of your time to make it and go green.

All you need its a bunch of plastic bottle preferably of the same kind to make it easy.
several meters of galvanized thin steel wire
a steel frame,a tweezers, a drill and a sharp knife.

You need to cut the bottom of the bottle so you can put one bottle in other. then with the drill make a hole in the cup and make another hole in the bottle that you didnt cut. after that put the wire into the two bottles to make a species of skewer of two bottles. make as many of skewers you need to make an entire trash can and then put them in the steel fram using the tweezers to tying the bottles.

Trust me at the begining its seem to be hard but with practice it becomes easy and fun

NOTE: for the bottom of the trash can we make a cover made of black plastic bags and cardboard milk bottles, but you can also put chicken wire to avoid keep fluids in it.

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    This instructable just made my day! I've been trying to figure out how to use the leftover bicycle wheels that I have after removing all the spokes for my drip irrigation system, and now I have a use for them! They shall be the skeleton of the trash can. I know where to get free plastic bottles, and the bicycle wheels are free if you just go dumpster diving at a bike repair shop. Me so happy! Thank you!

    This is a great idea! I think this is an attractive way to reuse plastic bottles, and a good way to blind pesky short animals. Lol

    Where would one get that steel frame from?

    Gracias, Pura vida !

    Do you have an email in which a fan could contact you??

    How does it hold up against the weather. I've done my share of trash picking on the roadside. Plastic breaks down.... I'll probably make a small one for indoors :) Great Job!!!

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    Actually it has a very good resistance, I'm telling you this 'cause the trash can it's at the outside 24/7 in a very hot weather zone maybe it has a little bit of wear, but nothing that you can´t fix with paint.
    Any other doubt I'll be glad to answer it

    yea that is good ,but what if things get into it and then can't get out of it, and then you have a dead animal in it and then what do you do,just leave it there and walk away from it,or what?

    I like it! I may try this when I have enough bottles. :) Is it really heavy? I was thinking I might use it to haul other plastics to the recycle place.

    Cool idea, but not a great instructable. You need more detail and step by step instructions with photos of each step..

    That's a neat idea but garbage can get a bit gross. I'm not sure i want to see decomposing waste and maggots. I'd probably use it for recyclables.

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    Yes you can do that and have a very nice trash can in that way you can help the enviroment and have a different trash can.
    try it