Trash to Cash

Introduction: Trash to Cash

This product is from a used pizza box. The idea is from my personal experience. I lost my wallet and I am thinking if I will buy a new one. On the second thought, I thought of reusing instead of spending for another wallet. 

Step 1: Materials Used

1. Used Box
2. Green art paper
3. Sticker paper (optional)
4. Ruler
5. Cutter
6. Scissors
7. Pencil
8. Glue
9. Used notebook plastic

Step 2: Body of the Wallet

Cut the box to form the body of the wallet. 9 inches width and 9 inches length.

Step 3: Design for the Wallet

Attach the sticker paper or art paper for your design for the wallet. Best advice is to use sticker paper for a better quality. 

Step 4: Other Parts of the Wallet (Cash, Card and Photo Holder)

From the remaining parts of the box, cut out your card, cash and photo holder.
The complicated part is the photo holder. You need to cut it VERY carefully for the middle open part of it. Attach the plastic to your photo holder. 

Step 5: Finishing

Choose your preferred color for your holders (inside of the wallet)
Stick the parts all together using your glue.
TAKE NOTE!: The holders must not be totally glued so you have a semi open space for insertion of your money, cards and photo

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