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Introduction: Trash to Treasure Chest

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Our Home HAUNT this year is really large and we have some spaces we don't know how to fill but a dark and smokey store room seems kind of creepy

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Step 1: What?

over the past few weeks I've found several useable foot lockers and this outdoor storage box while it would have probably worked fine as it was, I decided to use some of the spray cans I have been storing in it and using on other projects to pirate it up a little

Step 2: Paint

I had some brown primer and flat black spray paint so I started out by painting on "straps" then I taped them off and used the brown primer to coat the chest, a few streaks of black dusted back over with brown along with the purposely done splotchy application of brown gave it a wood look that may not look so great in the daylight but in the dark will work just fine ( it took me longer to type this paragraph than to paint the chest)

Step 3: Finish

I decided to go ahead and paint the center band black and add some black along the bottom. Watch for it's final position in the HAUNT coming the end of October 2012

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    3 years ago

    My chest is already wood stained, but very thin wood so maybe need to know what products to use to clean it up, also has like brass trim, and need advise to clean that up too??? W/o damaging it?? ?? and also what could I do on inside to have clean walls inside of, maybe to use for storage of blankets, pillows etc???


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I like it! It would be great for kids' toys.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for leaving a comment. This one might work for outdoor toys but it really is in battered shape, the idea could be used on a new box though (and a little more time spent on the painting)