TrashTech #1 Cans and Planks Storage

Introduction: TrashTech #1 Cans and Planks Storage

As disorder in my little shed grew bigger and bigger I decided to do something about it. From cans I've been gathering for last week or two and some odd pieces of wood I scavenged from broken pallets I decided to make some storage for all bits and bobs scattered around.

The part I liked most was thinking about the name for the project, that's where "TrashTech" came from - making useful things from stuff that otherwise would be discarded. Cans for example, they're pure "trash" aren't they? Not so when you look how sturdy and versatile they are.

So, let's give a "trash" a new lease of life :-)

For this project you'll need the following:

Metal cans [ribbed]

Some planks

Cable ties

Wood screws

Power drill

Drill bit

Just put it together in whatever configuration you want and enjoy your "trashy" storage creation.

If you got some plastic cups around put all tiny bits like screws, bolts, nuts, etc inside - it's a lot easier to handle the whole cup than pick something from the can itself.

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