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The TMG or "Trauts' Modified Glock" is a 9-shot handle fed pistol. The reason it's a modified glock is because I like making replicas, but this one was made primarily for function over looks. It still looks good, but functions better. A large amount of this gun is just a big mod of the TDS by TheDunkis. Credit goes to him for the barrel and magazine design.


- 9-shot
- Compact/sturdy
- Comfortable
- Jam-Free
- Light trigger


- Low range

  • Now with movie *

Mods and firing test. Vid shows Rapid fire and mods. If you want me to post the mods multiple people ask please. They are basically just add ons and are very easy.

Step 1: Handle

Pic 1 - Build this
Pic 2 - Tilt it till it looks like this
Pic 3 - Attach Black Y connectors as shown
Pic 4 - Add green rods to the top
Pic 5 - Build the comfort pieces
Pic 6 and 7 - Slide them on (to hold them on just loosely wrap a rubber band around them and the handle. If it's too tight it may jam the magazine).

Step 2: Top Piece

Pic 1 - Built it

Step 3: Ram and Ram Stopper

Note : requires weakened tan clip.

Pic 1 - Build this
Pic 2 - Slide it together

Step 4: Trigger

Pic 1 - Build it

Step 5: Barrel

Pic 1 - Build these parts
Pic 2 - Slide on the parts
Pic 3 - Close it up with the other side
Pic 4 - Take your "Top Piece"
Pic 5 - Clip it on top

Step 6: Assembly

Pic 1 - Ram and ram stop ready to go on
Pic 2 - Line it up
Pic 3 - Clip it on
Pic 4 - Trigger ready to go on
Pic 5 - Clip it on
Pic 6 - Handle goes on last

Step 7: Rubber Bands, Mag Pusher, Loading and Firing

Pic 1 - Rubber bands and make the mag pusher
Pic 2 - Trigger rubber band
Pic 3 - Mag push rubber band
Pic 4 - Firing pin rubber band


Very similar to TheDunkis' mag push. Just as an option.

Pic 5 - Make it
Pic 6 - Put the pusher in it
Pic 7 - Clip it in for use

Pic 8 - Bullets
Pic 9 - Load them in like this

Step 8: Have Fun!

1 - load it up
2 - Put the mag pusher in
3 - Pull back the ram all the way, release, then pull the trigger

Repeat step 3 until no rounds remain in the handle, then follow steps 1 to 2 and repeat this process.



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    180 Discussions

    hey man, i built this gun i i actually liked it until it started to jam.
    thats a real issue, as i am spending more time unblocking the gun, than shooting it. i believe i have built everything correctly.
    do you know how to solve this problem?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I made your glock and it is awesome! I just saw one problem: That brown lock on the ram makes it not push, so I replaced it with two blue rings, which makes it work much better. And the magazine doesn't work with the grey connectors. so I use a blue rod for shooting. Other than that, it works great!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Not meant to be a burn lol. TheDunkis TDS shoots very far for a side-arm, it's just that side-arms have low range.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I don't want to exagerate so i'd say 40ish ft G36C, 30ish-35ish ft thompson. It all depends on rubber bands. The G36C is more powerfull, but is more prone to jamming.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Ok, but I don't see 30 feet as bad distance. It's probably because the longest hallway in my house I'm allowed to test fire in is about 15 feet, so I don't really get the chance to test guns unless I go outside.