Travel 1852 Km in 1 Liter Petrol..

Name of car = Ultron
Imagine a car that could travel a distance of 1,852 km at a cost equivalent to a litre of petrol (assuming the price of petrol is Rs 65 a litre).

Step 1: About It

The Ultron, with 285-cm length, 100-cm width and 80-cm height, can attain a maximum speed of 35 km an hour.
"The car weighs only 80 kg. The body is made of fibreglass, while aluminium has also been used." " Ultron uses a 12-volt battery that produces 10 Ampere current. The project has been completed with a cost of about Rs 70,000."
Ultron is three-wheeler car can accommodate only one passenger.
It uses simple machanism similar to normal car.
It's Aerodynamics structure and medium quality Engine make it run.

Step 2:

Material Required

1. long and strong Aluminium Sheet
2. Fibreglass
3. Battery with higher toltage
4. A Old car Engine
5. Knowledge about Machanism of car
6. Tools to bend sheet
7. Dynamo
8. Moters
9. Wheels

Step 3: Point to Focus !!!

First you should study about car Engine ( Auto rickshaw Engine will best ) and How to fit them in a car.
Then make the car structure according to your choise.
Then Assemble every thing and fit every part at proper place.

In this all i focus was weight. That I try to reduce the weight of car to makr it Eco-Friendly. But it is use full in our daly rutine.

Step 4: How to Make ????

First Take a wooden deck.
Take 3 wheel, pipe, scroo to fix them on wooden deck.
After fixing wheel fix a driver seat on deck.

Step 5: Engine

After compleating the platform building.
It's time to fix engine.
You need a Auto Rickshaw or any type of petrol engine that you can find and afford easily.
Take moter and connect them to wheels. *Here you can use dynamo.(I will discusthis in next step). and place the engine behind the driver seat.
Before using that old engine you should cheque that it is working or not. Cleane and oil the engine.
Now conmect the battery with other appliences like bulb etc or other you want. connect battert terminal with Dynamo straight place near the wheels. They will provide extra energy to other things.

Step 6: Making Roof

To make roof you should use the Aluminium sheet.
Draw the marks according to you desired shape of car and cut them all.
Take rubber supporter and fix fiber glass in it. Weld and nail the sheet cutting and fix every part on it's place properly.

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    8 Discussions

    Aditya B

    3 years ago on Introduction

    1852 km in 1 liter it might be a good goal to achieve

    but as far as my prediction can go this vehicle can never go for 1852 km

    still it can achieve even more efficiency than popular vehicles out there in market still 1852 km is a long way to achieve

    Shadow Strangeapburner

    Reply 4 years ago

    Sorry, Today I was not having time so sorry i will type instructable tomorrow.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    The engine must be very small to run 52.9 hours on one liter of fuel.I believe your calculations are probably in error, unless you have some pedels installed to make it man propelled most of the way.


    4 years ago

    looking forward to the detail