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Introduction: Travel Card

This is a one-step Instructable.

One of the best parts of traveling is meeting new people. My wife and I have friends from all over the world. Some of them have stayed in touch by e-mail, phone calls, and holiday cards for more than ten years.

I decided to simplify the exchange of contact information by making special business cards just for our newfound friends. Fire up your favorite publishing program.(I like Avery Design-Pro and it's free!) Make a few sheets of cards with whatever information you are comfortable with. It could be as little as an e-mail adress or have your street adress, list of phone numbers, website, whatever. It saves digging for a pen and paper scraps while you're in line for the Vatican Museum, and your new friends are less likely to lose the information by the time they get home.

Now buy a ticket somewhere and go make a friend.



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    I would leave off my real address, because "friends" you meet while traveling may have colleagues who could "drop by" your house while you are away.

    to heck with travel, I do this whenever I moved, especially in my college/apartment days when you move every 6 mths to a year when your lease was up. 

    That was before cell phones  were big and we actually used landlines.  

    That's a good idea, but if that image has your real detail on it, you just made a lot of new "friends".

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    the number begins with 555 , so clearly its been made web-kosher (no cyber pork products, e.g. spam)

    Oh! You know, far too many years of watching American TV, and it never occurred to me that "555" was not a real dialling code! I thought it was something you had to dial to get out of your area, like dialling 9 to get an outside line in an office. Live and learn, eh?

    From going to bars.... I always thought 555 was the area code where coincidentally all of the interesting women lived. Live and learn for me too :-) I also have heard they live at the intersection of two parallel streets. Hmmmm A pattern develops...

    and 13 Mockingbird Lane comes from either the Munsters or Adams Family... I forget which


    555 is a common fictional area code or exchange, used in film, television, and print... until recently, no 555 exchanges were assigned, anywhere. that was changed, and now only two 555-xxxx numbers are reserved for fictional use. However, the 555 area code is reserved for directory assistance applications, therefore, not a home or cell number.