Travel PC Table for Commuters





Introduction: Travel PC Table for Commuters

I have been commuting to work for some years now. I prefer to work during the journey instead of having to steer the car myself. For my comfort I therefor invented this light weight collapsible table. The table has two different ends to accommodate the two different types of tables the bus company uses.
I will try to make this instructable as generic as possible, so you can make a table that matches the table in your bus/train...

Step 1: Taking Measures

First you have to take measures of the table you need to match. I used some tinfoil from my lunch box to measure the thickness and depth of the table and to figure out, how high the edge of the table is. I folded the foil around the table edge to make an imprint.

Step 2: Constructing the Table

To make the construction drawing I drew a side view of my Mac Book 17" on a piece of paper. Then I drew the supporting structure of the table around the tin foil imprint. After some experimentation, I figured out, how long the lower support structure had to be to ensure the PC table would have the right angle.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Table Pieces

I used 12 mm plywood to make the pieces. I removed a lot of unnecessary wood from the structure to make the table as light as possible. The cutting was done with an electric jigsaw.

Step 4: Testing

Testing the table turned out successful – yay!!!

Step 5: Following Instructable

So now I can let the driver do his driving allowing me to read all the nice Instructables on my way to work...
I hope you find this instruction helpful – have fun!



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    Anyway, I want to use it to download and read books offline. I've got a nook library, didn't like the nook. I can't open up my books with the Polaroid. Do you have any experience with these devices? Thanks

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    Seems like it might be kind of slippery, sideways. You could put some Sugru on the edges beneath the computer and add some texture to it to make it more grippy.

    And it appears you would need to take up two seats at one of those two tables to use it. Wouldn't fly, here in California, unless you're impervious to stink-eye! Very nice engineering though, gives me a few ideas for a traveling table to use in meeting rooms, thanks.

    LOL I've never seen a table on any bus here is Australia. Even the interstate buses only have regular seats.

    One question: I didn't notice a mention of the "why" for creating's a laptop, so why not just use the table?

    1 reply

    I was starting to develop some back pain because I had to lean forward to work. So the table definitely improves my working comfort. Also, I don't have to reach out with my arms to work.
    Secondly we are quite a lot of people, who work in the bus and the table actually makes more space for the others. Without the table only one of two opposing people would be able to rest there PC on the table, since they is to narrow for two PCs...

    it's okay, im fat, i got no space for extra things between me and my laptop :D

    ALSO IN OTHER NEWS: this is a great idea :)

    This is brilliant. And you have given me an idea of how to do something similar to support my computer on the steering wheel of my bus or car when I am using it and not acutally driving anywhere. Thank you.