Travel Rod Clip

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I find the telescopic travel rods quite convenient. Once you've lost that nice little cover that holds them all tidy for transport they tend to extend on their own as you are going to or from your transport. The fact that you can leave them rigged and collapsed as you move from spot to spot on the bank is one of their advantages & probably how I lost the cover in the first place but it's not very practical in the boot of the car or your suitcase.

Step 1: The Clip

no making photos as it was done before I thought it may be of interest.
you need a length of wire a bit longer than the distance from the top eye to the reel clamp. I've used 2mm galvanised garden wire 1.5mm/16 swg is probably about as thin as you'd want to go wire coat hanger (not seen one in ages do they still make them) is probably a bit thick.
bend about 20mm \3/4" back on its self at each end. Make it a nice tight bend preferably touching at one end leave the other end as a more open loop.
bend the tight end around to form a hook that goes into the top eye of the rod. bend the more open loop end to form a hook that fits under the top reel clamp. tighten the clamp enough to hold the rod in its collapsed state.



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