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Hello Everyone!

This is an Instructable on a method I used to pack clothes on smaller trips during my semester abroad in Chile. It's a skivvy roll I got from a post on Tumblr a while back that I decided to try to use. It's not especially complicated but the Instructable might still help someone.

All you'll need is a pair of socks, a t-shirt, and a pair of underwear. I have to be honest, I have not tried this with any women's underwear for obvious reasons.

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Step 1: Lay Out T-Shirt

Pretty self explanatory. First step is just to lay the t-shirt out on the floor, unfolded.

Step 2: Underwear

The next step is to lay the underwear out with the waistband as flush as you can with the collar of the shirt, than fold in half width-wise (re-center if necessary), and lastly fold in half again length-wise.

Step 3: Fold T-Shirt

This step is slightly more complicated, though still pretty simple.

Fold one side of the shirt over the underwear until it is creased alongside, and wrapped around the underwear. Then take that sleeve and fold it back so that it is as flush with the other side of the underwear.

Repeat this process with the other side of the t-shirt.

Step 4: Roll It Up

In this step, you place your socks so the ankle cuffs are an inch or two outside of the edge of the collar of the t-shirt, than roll them up inside of the t-shirt from the collar down.

Step 5: Socks

Lastly, take the ankle cuffs and fold them back around the wrapped t-shirt. Voila! :)Examp

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    3 years ago

    great idea for when we go camping. will be gicing it a go