Travel Spearfishing Spear

This is compact and adjustable spear. Can be assembled from 50 cm to 2 m + head.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

All sizes are in m/ cm/ mm.

2x Aluminium pipe: 2x 1m long, 1.5 cm diameter

8x Aluminium fitting with 6 mm bolt thread

4x Small 6 mm bolts without head

1x 6mm bolt with O at the end

1x Brass concrete anchor with 6 mm inner thread

3x Tent pole

1x Fitness expander (hard)

some paracord and zip ties

epoxy resin



Hack saw





Sand paper

Hand rotary tool

Some masking tape

Step 2: Prepearing Bolts

First, i marked 1/2 half of the bolt, where flat site will be hard glued into threaded fitting.

As i want to seal tubes i put some tape at the end of 4 Al fitting and fill them with epoxy resin .

Then screwed bolts and let them sit couple hours to harden.

Step 3: Pipes and Rest of Fittings

Until bolts was hardening, I started preparing pipes.

Cut them to 1/2 ( 50 cm each).

Then cleaned all ends that bolts will fit snugly.

3 fittings must be sealed form inner side last one will be ended with O ring bolt that is longer then fitting.

I glued them with thin layer of epoxy resign ( on bottom of soda can) and after about 10 min slowly pick them up and add more epoxy to make it more durable.

Step 4: Adding Bolts and Rubber

When epoxy hardened, I started file and send all bolds and fittings that they nicely fit inside pipes.

Then again i glued them all with epoxy and waited until all harden.

During that time I disassemble fitness expander and salvaged the rubber.

Cuted some paracord (cca 50 cm) and made some knots on both ends.

Then both ends of paracord fitted inside espander rubber and locked them in place with some zip ties.

Main spear is done, now head...

Step 5: Hook Shape of Needles

This was pure improvisation so don't have pics from all the process... :D

So ...

I took old tent poles, and flatten a little tips. Then cut out rough shape and start sanding untill it looks ok to me.

Then sawed off ends, that all are same.

With plyers, I made that Z shape of each needle, and on the bottom side, i sanded them to triangular shape, that they stay together inside that concrete anchor, and don't move rotate to sides.

Then i sharpened them.

Step 6: Finishing Head

I put them temporary together with tape, and market how deep they will be inside that brass anchor.

Then start wrapping around wire, and at the end i add all that wrapped part into epoxy resin.

When all was hard i squeezed them inside that anchor, and wrapped with wire and blued all with resign.

I added more resign after, so i can be sure, that there is no leak of salt water under.

Step 7: Finish

And this is it.

Can be packed for travel, and can be assembled from 50cm to 2m long spear.

I will test it soon ... :P :)



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