Travel Spice Rack




Love to cook? Love to Travel?

Ever take a trip to a friends house, wanted to cook them a meal, but they didn't have any of the essential ingredients?

Ever go on a back packing trip and wish you could bring all those spices and herbs to make your delicious home meals?

Maybe just a weekend camping trip and who knows what might happen...

Ever wish you had just some of those spices you KNOW you have at home with you in one of these desperate times?

well- worry no more my culinary culprits

Step 1: Spices and Herbs

here are just some of the many spices and herbs we have in our spice rack

Pick out your desired spices

Step 2: Go Get Yourself Some Clean Containers

any will do-

small pill containers work well

you can use larger ones for spices you may use more often

you may be able to find some at resale shops or friends

Step 3: Fill Your Travel Spice Rack

carefully pour your spices into slots in your containers

some spices look similar- or are hard to distinguish when containers are closed

so label your slots with a marker

we found small ones- and one we could fit toothpicks in a slot- utilizing all the space we had!

Step 4: Travel and Cook!




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    3 years ago

    I did this (though not from this instructable). I hit a discount store and bought a week pill box (make sure you get one that somehow locks). I used nail polish remover to remove the painted days and then used a permanent marker to mark what was inside, ie: Garam Masala, Adobo, Louisiana Spice, for ideas. I keep this in my lunch bag with a 1/4 teaspoon rubber banded to it.

    I Love this idea... Never thought of this before... Great foe vacations anywhere !

    I Love this idea... Never thought of this before... Great foe vacations anywhere !