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About: I am a fashion designer and seamstress by day, and goofball by night. I love up-cycling; it is so gratifying to turn old into new. I am a theater actress and dancer; I love health and exercise. I have a fabu...

This upcycled sweater is a sight to be reckoned with. I call it the "Traveling Magician's coat", and with its bright colors, ribbons, and clasps it certainly lives up to it's name. This coat twirls amazingly, This amazing coat is completely one of a kind, and would be an amazing piece for nearly any occasion from coffee on a Saturday, to a fabulous gypsy costume.

Cotton//wool bodice with free form flower crochet on the back of the coat. Cashmere hearts sewn on the back shoulders.The skirt of this coat features cotton/acrylic and cashmere blends that have been meticulously and carefully serged first with small pieces of sweater that eventually make up the panels of the coat. A lovely panel of black lace lies in the back of the coat.Ribbon that I purchased in India decorates the front facing with lovely Celtic clasps taken from another sweater.Bell sleeves make you want to dance circles, long ties to secure your sweater, and finally a fiery red faux fur trims the hood of this coat, giving you permission to be a gypsy diva.

100% made with used sweaters and embellishments.



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    I only have a few, sorry they were taken with my iPhone not so great .


    Very nice!

    Do you happen to have any photos of the process that went into making this? Those would be cool to see! :)