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A package of snack often contains more than one serving for us. Then you have to seal it for next time serving and that may be tomorrow, the day after or even next week. Crunchy snack needs to be sealed properly to avoid being soft. Today you can get fancy colorful bag sealer sticks for as low as $1 each. They also come with various sizes.

As DIYers, why don't we make one at no cost? Yes, simply using two drinking straws. Supposing you left your bag sealer sticks at home when you are travelling. Drinking straws are there in your hotel rooms and restaurants. I think you can ask for it (er... them, we need two :D ) nicely even if you do not purchase anything from the coffee shops.

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Step 1: Materials and Tool

All we need are two pieces of drinking straw. For the tool I use a scissors, but you can use any tools to cut one straw. A cutter, a knife, or anything that is sharp.

Step 2: Specify the Length

I cut off the straws at the bend points. This step is optional if you need a longer sealer stick or you have straight straws.

Step 3: Split It Lengthwise

Split one side of a straw lengthwise. Only one straw and only one side of it.

Step 4: The Unsplit Straw

Align the unsplit straw along your snack bag opening.

Step 5: The Fold

Fold the bag opening with the unsplit straw in between.

Step 6: The Split Straw

Slide the split straw along the the unsplit one, that is clipping the snack bag.

Step 7: 7 Days in Test

This peanut butter biscuit pack was running 7 days in test. I ate few pieces a day. I cut off the columns once they were empty and clipped the bag. The crackers were still crispy at day 7 when I emptied the bag. Give it a try. This is an alternative solution to keep your snack crunchy.

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    2 years ago

    Awesome! This would work well for keeping crumbs from escaping too. Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you. I just replicate those in market with things I have at hand ^^
    Credit goes to the inventor of the commercial stick sealer in the market.