Travelling Casket Prank

Introduction: Travelling Casket Prank

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I made this as a Halloween Decoration for a friend who is car crazy. Not only does it roll along under its own power, it has a one speed automatic transmission and one way straight line steering to get you where you are going on your "Last Ride". It also features a soft close lid with included "Cremains Transfer System" (A shovel). Interior lid decoration is an "OLD GUYS RULE" sticker with an added "D" to make it past tense. Inside is an ash shroud in matching colours. Actually it's a "Body Glove" sports sock. Personalized licence plates advertise the future occupant's coming demise. His last name begins with T. Other features are high flotation "Cemetery Ride" tires, and 4.5 Volt alkaline power with an external on/off switch.

In reality, it could be used as a very unique cremation urn but it is meant as a practical joke. If you are weirded out by this, don't worry. I mean no disrespect. The intended recipient, last Halloween, borrowed a hearse from a car collector and parked it in my driveway in the middle of the night. Imagine my reaction the next morning! He's getting what he deserves!

Step 1: Putting It Together

You'll need a cigar box or pencil box that resembles the basic dimensions of a Casket. If you don't find something ready made, it is easy enough to make one but try to have it resemble the real thing. I was lucky enough to find a Cuban cigar box at my local Value Village. I sanded it, filled any imperfections, and sprayed it Gloss Black.

You'll also need a remote control car. I found one without the remote. Also the electronics were fried. I took it apart, discarded the body and the electronics and disabled the steering then fastened everything to a wooden base slightly smaller than the casket base. I re-wired the motor to run on a battery box that held three triple A's and added a switch. Once it's switched on it goes in a straight line. I made sure everything was painted then screwed the casket to the base.

Alternatively, I could have bolted the casket to a working remote car chassis but my total cost on this was $4.50 for the recycled model car and cigar box. No sense in breaking the budget.

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