Traxxas Bandit Motor Replacement

Introduction: Traxxas Bandit Motor Replacement

A quick guide to replacing a watered down or burned out motor on a Traxxas Bandit.

Step 1: Getting to the Genter

First, make sure your battery is unplugged so as not to shock yourself or mess anything up. Then, detach the motor from the motor controller. This takes some pliers and patience, do not pry to hard or you may damage the wires. Next, to make everything easier, take the wheel off so you have some space to work.

Step 2: Getting the Guts Out

Use a phillips screwdriver to undo the transmission box cover. Then use a 1.5mm allen wrench to get the pinion gear off of the motor. If the pinion set screw does not loosen, you can get a slightly larger allen wrench, hammer it in place and then turn. (only use this as a last resort because it may compromise the quality of your set screw) You can then use the phillips screwdriver again to undo the motor from the transmission box. Then take the motor out for replacement.

Step 3: Getting Stuff Back Together

The first order of business is to get the new motor into place and secure the one top screw with a phillips screwdriver. Then tighten down your pinion gear with the allen wrench and to finish off, put in the lower screw so the motor is rotated to a place making the pinion gear not too close to the spur and not to far away. (too close would cause resistance and heat up the gears, too far would make the gears sloppy and wear down faster)

Step 4: Final Touches

You can now screw attach the new motor to the motor control. (making sure red goes with red and black with black :D) Then screw on the transmission cover attach the wheel and your done!

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent tutorial! Very clear steps with great photos. Thank you for sharing this!


    5 years ago

    rule of thumb is fold a regular piece of paper in half, insert between pinion and spur gear, tighten motor screws,and last is to pull out paper. easiest gear mesh solution!