Work Place Ergonomics Solution That Is Integrated Into a Standing Desk

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With increasingly busy schedules, many people are finding it difficult to find the time for some physical activity. The purpose of this project is to give the user the ability to put some physical work in while in the office. The Tread desk is a work place ergonomics solution that is integrated into a standing desk. This allows the user to both workout and maintain productivity at the same time.

Parts List:

Small treadmill

1" pipe standard thread

1" standoffs

Pullout keyboard rest

Assorted fasteners

Basic power tools

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Step 1: Desk Modification

In order to have the treadmill fit under the desk, the desk needs to be adjusted in height to accommodate the treadmill under it. In the case of this desk, the top panel rested on standoffs made of 1" pipe. To fit the treadmill, the desk had to be raised 6", this was done by getting 1' long standoffs to put in place of the old ones. Before sliding the treadmill under, the top panel was removed and placed on the lower part of the desk.

Step 2: Installing the Pullout Keyboard

Depending on how large the keyboard of the user is, the pullout tray will have to be installed a certain way. In this case the keyboard was narrow enough to fit between the posts of the treadmill so the mount was simply screwed under the top panel down the center of the treadmill. The keyboard rest was cut to the width of the keyboard using a bandsaw, and was screwed to the mounting point on the pullout mount.



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