Treasure Chest, Gift for My Girlfriend

Introduction: Treasure Chest, Gift for My Girlfriend

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Hi there,

This is an Tresure Chest i´ve made for my Girlfriend as an Gift.

We´ve found this old steelbox on an fleamarket some years ago, my girlfriend really love the used look of the old box.

Well as i said this was years ago and the box disappeard in some corner of my workshop.
now i thought about an valentines gift for her and liked to do something with this old steel tablelegs wich i found in the
scrapmetalcontainer. (they where broken into a lot of pieces, i weld them together).
the Tablelegs are very beautiful with angelfaces and lionaheads on it, on the lowest side they got an lionsfoot.
they where full with several layers of paint wich i´ve grind down to bare metal, i like. that look

The box gots alot of little holes, i closed them with alot of rivets.

The legs are screwed on the topsite and weld to the box on the lower side

At last i painted the whole thing with clearcoat.

My Girlfriend love it and will make an Leather Lining for the inside to make it complete.

Hope you Like

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