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Introduction: Treasure Chest - ( of DOOM )

About: Just a dude with a passion for furniture.

I had to bring a present for a buddy of mine, and he only wished for bottles of alcohol.

Therefor i made him a box for a bitter snaps, out of raw MDF scrap wood. I used a CNC Router for the skull, just because i can. :)

Hinges, locks, and foam, is from old boxes that was thrown away also.

Step 1:

Get a bottle of whatever, and measure the dimensions. This will be the measure for the inside. +5mm for a perfect fit.

Step 1: Stuff I Did Not Take Pictures Of:

The box was sawed out with 45 degrees edges, and glued together.

Foam was added, and a little bump made in it for the bottle neck to rest on.


I rounded the edges with an R6, and only touched the lid with sanding papir.


Sanding > cleaning > paint = 1. Prime in the skull

sanding > cleaning > paint = 2. Prime the box

sanding > cleaning > paint > paint. = 2x Colour of whatever you like.

Step 2: Finishing

Hinges and locks was added, and i gave the skull a bit of a outer line so it would stand out a bit more.

Hope you liked my treasure chest of DOOM!

It's an easy build, i would say 2/10 without the skull, and 6/10 with it.

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    4 years ago

    Great looking box!! The white skull really looks awesome. Thanks for sharing your project


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you. It was a fast, and fun little project. :)