Treasure From Icecream Stick

We can make lots of things from ice cream sticks here are some examples I have made from ice cream sticks I have made one night lamp from ice cream stick at one pen stand.

Let's get started

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Step 1: Components

1.icecream stick

Step 2: Making of Pen Stand

Take some Street ice cream sticks first we need to make the bottom of the stand

Arrange 10 ice cream sticks linearly and 2 Ice cream sticks vertically so that the bottom is strong. Paste all the stick with fevicol.

Now make 4 sides similarly with space in between stick

Attach them all with glue

That's it our pen stand is ready

Step 3: Making of Night Lamp

Place the ice cream stick as hexagon shape as shown in figure

Paste it with fevicol

Now place ice sticks similarly but extended size so that the hexagon shape comes like a bowl.

Make it as two parts

Connect lamp holder in top side and place the lamp

Connect two parts upside down.

That's it our ice stick night lamp is ready

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