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Introduction: Fun Treasure Hunt

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Hello,Instructables!First I want to say thank you for clicking this Project.Now I will tell you a fun project for summer.

Treasure hunting is a fun way to spend the afternoon,and is a great way to test your Children or friends skills,while testing your ability to think up fiendishly clever clues!

I hope you like this project.If you like it please give me a like and vote me in DIY Summer Camp Challenge,Thanks!

Start by thinking of a good location for the treasure hunting.Choose somewhere that is large enough to challenge them.

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Step 1: What You Need:

•Sheets of paper
•And some creative idea!

Step 2: Draw a Map

Draw a map of the treasure hunt area.If it's outdoors, you can print out an aerial view from the internet.

Step 3: Make a Plan

Make a plan,write the places where you will leave the clues and the treasure.Don't tell it to the contestants!

Step 4: Make Up the Clues

Now make up the clues.They should be challenging, but not so hard that the contestants can't solve them!

Here are some ideas for the clues:
Q:What we use to clean our teeth?
A:a toothpaste.(put next clue under a toothpaste in the bathroom.)

Muddle up the letters of a clue.

Replace some clue words with rhyming ones.
Cook on the burst elf of the midge.
(Look on the first shelf of the fridge.)

Step 5: Write Each Clue on a Separate Sheet and Hide the Clues.

Write each clue on a separate sheet of paper and hide the clues(apart from the first one)and the treasure.

Step 6: Give the First Clue And........THANKS!

Gather your friends and give them the first clue.Time to begin!

Thank you for see this project!Please give me a like and please vote me for DIY Summer Camp and Outside Contest.Thanks!

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    This is so cool great idea


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    If you like it please vote me,Thanks!