Treasure Pudding




Introduction: Treasure Pudding

When my oldest child was little, she didn't like milk or yogurt, so I fed her a lot of pudding to get her enough calcium. Along comes my second child who loved milk and yogurt but wouldn't eat any variety of starchy food (no crackers, cereal, cookies, etc.), so I needed a snack that would work for both of them without having to make two different snacks. Viola treasure pudding was born.

11 years have passed since treasure pudding came onto the scene and they still want me to make them treasure pudding. Sometimes they like to fill their own cups now, but they still love the surprise of what I have chosen as treasures for them.

Even our pudding hating friends like treasure pudding because the thrill of finding sweet treasures in the pudding keeps them coming back for more. Plus the treasure gives the pudding interesting textures.

Step 1: Supplies

  • 1 small box instant pudding (your favorite flavor)
  • enough milk to mix pudding according to instructions on box
  • 4 dessert sized opaque cups or bowls
  • Spoons. My children like demitasse spoons.
  • Small goodies that would taste good with the variety of pudding you chose.
  • Decoration options like sandwich cookie crumbs and gummy worms, whipped cream or cool whip, etc.


Mini cookies, small candies such as m&ms, reese's pieces, nerds, all bite size candies, breakfast cereals, nuts, marshmallows, teddy bear crackers, cheese crackers, pretzels, caramels, bite size graham crackers, raisins or dried fruit pieces, fruit snacks or gummy candy, sliced fresh fruit, cookie bites, chocolate chips, etc.

You get the picture. Anything can go into treasure pudding, it just depends on what you like

Step 2: Layer Your Treasure.

In your bowls, put a variety of items at the bottom. Start with your crunchy items so they don't get soggy.

Fill bowl at least half way with treasure.

Step 3: Mix Pudding.

Mix pudding according to package directions, but stop mixing while the pudding is still pourable.

Step 4: Cover Treasure With Pudding.

Pour about 1/2 cup of pudding on the top of your layered treats. The pudding should completely cover the treats, so you can't see them at all.

Step 5: Optional - Decorate.

If you are making these for a themed event, decorate appropriately.

We like the crunched sandwich cookies with worms to make it look like dirt.

We also like straight whipped cream or cool whip.

Crunched sandwich cookies and an "x" made from straight pretzel sticks could easily go for a pirate themed party.

Add a washed plastic toy on top of crunched sandwich cookies to go with a movie theme.

Step 6: Serve.

Serve immediately or chill for a couple of hours to set the pudding.

These will keep covered for a couple of days, but I have never had them around long enough to have done that.

Step 7: Eat and Enjoy.

My children liked to try to figure out all the varieties of treasure I used, so I would keep a mental list and tell them if they got everything.

Bon appetit.



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    10 Discussions

    Loved my Treasure Pudding. I even ate a Gummy Worm. Who knew they were citrus flavored?

    1 reply

    I am glad you liked your treasure pudding. My children think gummy worms are an excellent addition to treasure pudding.

    Hi im a young cook almost 12 and i love this recipe and every recipe should have a story behind it and yours had a great story about your kids and thier likes and dislikes i love the treasure in a cup recipe and i made a twist to it and i'll tell you if you comment back.

    1 reply

    I am glad you are working on your cooking. My daughters and I always have fun cooking together. You should try the pie crust. Both of my daughters could make the pie crust by the time they were 11. What is your twist? I always enjoy trying new things.

    Great idea and good explanation and photos! With those not familiar, I guess one would need to let them know about the "treasures" so they don't just swallow without chewing and choke on them.

    1 reply

    True, I didn't think of that since I call it treasure pudding, so my children know to expect goodies. My daughter tells me that I do mention that there are goodies at the bottom so her friends are aware of the chunks. I don't usually tell them what the goodies are though since that is part of the fun.

    Treasure in a Cup is a good name. We call it treasure pudding because my children were very little when I started making it for them and that is what they called it.

    Love this! You did a great job with the photos & steps. My son is 11 and still loves "Dirt in a cup" (pudding/crushed Oreos/gummy worms). Treasure in a Cup is much more diverse! Voted!

    1 reply