Introduction: Trebuchet

What did I/we make?
A trebuchet
How did you make it?
Wood and nails and 3 pieces of pipe. I think it took like 15 pieces of wood. It took a while but we had a superviser watching us telling us if something was wrong or something was right.We did it by our selves and had no help but for if there was a problem that we couldnt fix.
Where did you make it?
We made it at Macedonia Middle School
What did you learn?
I learned to build a trebuchet and how to work and ready up and fire a trebuchet. It was fun and it is really a good thing to learn and build .
We also won 3rd place in accuracy out of 15 schools :).



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    podrias pasarnos los planos?

    Though saying that, I would be VERY interested to see the mechanics of your trebuchet. It looks very well made

    2 replies

    I will I at first I just decided to just put it up to see what happens and I just didn't have much time to do anything to the post so I will try to do that

    I think you fail to grasp the concept of this website. An instructable is supposed to be a tutorial on how to build or do something, not a project analysis.