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Introduction: Tree Branch Ring Box

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For the unique and personal touch to that piece of jewellery, this is a great idea as well as being low cost and easy.... You could add many different effects to it, wood burning patterns or initials etc.... sky's the limit!

This is an older project for me so I apologise for the lack of photos during the making of; hopefully the description will be enough for you to make your own :)

Step 1: Set It Up

You'll need:

- Tree branch (make sure it's going to suit your ring size, let's say at least 50mm diameter)

- Saw (hand or bench, whichever you're lucky enough to have)

- Spade Bit for drill, to suit ring size (mine was a 38mm size)

- Teeny little hinge (I think mine was about 10mm or so)

- Thin chisel (to etch out a little void for the hinge joint)

- Drill & drill bits

- Material (I used an old blouse I was going to give away)

- Strong suitable adhesive

- A Toothpick

Step 2: Make It Happen

1. Cut a fairly straight section of branch (maybe with some nice markings on it) as straight as you can get it for one end of the box.

2. Mark it at the length of piece that you want, not including the lid; cut as straight as possible

3. Now cut another 10-20mm or so for the lid; keep these pieces together in the exact order you cut them so they will fit together snugly (especially if you've got a bit of a curvy branch)

4. Using your spade bit as a guide, carefully mark out where you want to start drilling; keep in mind that you'll need to leave room for the hinge to be set as well as a small catch on the edge opposite the hinge.

5. Drill the hole to enough depth for your ring to be covered (including the thickness of the material). Just remember though that the spade bits have a 'spear like' center & you don't want to drill too far that it comes out of the base!

6. Once the hole is drilled & you're happy with it, place your hinge in position and mark it out with a pen/marker. Gently chisel out as much wood as you need to for the hinge to sit flush between the lid & the base.

7. Carefully mark & drill out the screw holes, then affix the hinge with the screws supplied.

8. Once you're happy with the lid sitting flush & even with the base, mark out the position for a small hole on the opposite side to the hinge. Drill out a hole into the underside of the lid as well as the base (be very careful to ensure they're aligned) and using a toothpick with the points removed, superglue the toothpick (catch) into the lid hole. This was a little tricky to explain, so please check out the attached video or pics

9. After the glue has dried, cut up your material into a rectangle strip (you'll need to measure the inside of the hole for this) and a circle. I actually used a tiny bit of cotton wool to place down first to avoid seeing the spade bit markings, this will depend on your material.

10. Affix your rectangle to the top of the inside ensuring the ends overlap a little. I found that affixing only a few mm to the top inside lip and letting it dry, was great as I would then fold the material in and it wasn't sitting hard up against the insides. (see diagram)

11. Affix the bottom circle gently so that no seams of material edges are visible.

12. Finish off the box however you like, give it a bit of beeswax or a gentle sand or even a varnish.

Enjoy :)

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    I love the idea, plus as mentioned below, there's plenty of room for thought and expansion of this theme. I think that there just might be the right piece of branch on my 70 acre property. Would have been better to make it for my wife, but she wants as little to do with this, our retirement home, as she does with me. I think my daughter might like it tho.

    Thank you for posting,


    3 replies

    Aw, it's always nice to make things for those who will love them, but even nicer to be able to make them for ourselves as a reminder of how creative we are & what we're capable of! 70 acres sounds amazing! Where are you in the world? If you make one, can you post a pic I'd love to see it?


    I'm in Australia in the State of New South Wales. I'll let you know when I get round to attempting one of these boxes.



    oh ha ha cool, I'm in Perth! I don't know why I thought you were overseas!

    For one ring it is good and i think using a larger log to create a multi compartment box would alsonbe worth it.

    1 reply

    this is a really neat instructables! I think my girlfriend would really like this for her next ring. that ring looks really cool too, can you post a picture of it? again girlfriend may like it haha

    1 reply

    Hey thanks man, it's a nice touch for a simple effort huh?! I made the ring for a poker fan, it's a sterling silver spinner ring.... Keep an eye out I'll be posting a 'how to' of how to make a spinner ring soon :-D