Tree Circle




Introduction: Tree Circle

This is one way to make small tree circles. It is a nice way to clean up the base and protect a new tree.

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Step 1: Level and Clean Around Base

I like to use a trimmer to clean up around the base a bit bigger than your circle will be.

Step 2: Lay Out Circle Template Around Base.

I used this pre - made rubber circle I got at Home Depot as my template. Garbage can lids or even hula hoops work well.

Step 3: Dig Around Template.

You can use an edger for this but for the smaller circles I like a hatchet just because it works good.

Step 4: Dig Around Shape Base

Step 5: Cut and Lay Out Weed Block Paper

Step 6: Add Mulch and Your Done

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    Wow it turns our really pretty looking, and I bet it really does protect the young tree. Thanks for sharing!