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Introduction: Tree Line Log Wall Art/ Coat Hook

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When ever I see logs, I just fall in love with it. I just love rustic, so yes....sometimes people see me carrying branches to my vehicle and you will find them rolling their eyes with a smile.

So when I came across Tracy Meldon's focus tree line art, I just had to do it as I had the branches ! It's super easy and fun to do with kids. No two log slice will be the same as the colors keep changing :-)

Step 1: What You Need

Of course some logs :-)

Chop saw or any saw to slice the log


Acrylic paint

White glue

Hanging hardware and hook

Lasy Susan/ Turntable -Compulsory if you are going to paint

Step 2: ​Preparation

First Cut your logs into slices. A chop saw wood be great here ;-)

It would be best if you can dry it well.

Drill a hole and nail your hanging hook.

It is best to soak the slices in wood preservative to prevent termites getting into it.

Now I first coated it with varnish and found out the slices kept drinking it! So I coated it with 2 thick layers of white glue.

If you like it to be just plain rustic, you can now just coat it with varnish. Add hooks if you want to use as a coat hook too :-).

If you like some color, follow next step. Do it with kids, it's fun :-)

Step 3: Spin Away

A turntable/ lazy susan is compulsary if you want to do it easily and neatly.

I attached a scrap piece of wood to my turntable and told my children to spin while I held a brush on the board. That way I knew where the center was.

Place your log on the turntable centering it. Use the already painted circle on board as guide.

Keep your pots of acrylic paint close along with water and plenty of flat paint brushes.

Now Dip your paint brush in one color and coat it heavily.

Ask someone to spin away as you place your brush on your log. Paint towards the center point. keep adding colors according to how you want. Trust me, you may add one color but it will end up different as it blends. It's a good way of learning about color mixing!

I loved the bright colors :-) Add a final coat of varnish and you are done!

Step 4: Dual Purpose Wall Art

This looks great as wall art but if you like it to have a dual purpose just add a hook to the bottom.

Looks great doesn't it?

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