Tree Trunk Phone Holder

Introduction: Tree Trunk Phone Holder

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this is a unique but simple phone holder and has been designed with the thought of a tree stump in mind.

you will need:

- brown paint

- sponge

- Air dry Clay

- card roll (70mm in diameter.)

- coping saw

- file and sand paper

- duplex or cardboard

- news paper

- tissue


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Step 1: The Base

using a coping saw, cut 70mm of the tube. this will form the main structure of your holder. make sure the tubes walls are between 8mm and 15mm.

mark on two slots. this is what the phone will slot into. make sure the slots are 20mm in length and 20mm depth.

look at the photos if not sure or email me for a more detailed instruction.

Step 2: Paper Mache

draw around the base and then around the base add a treeish pattern...if that's a thing. make it look like the roots of the tree. using scissors, cut the design out an use PVA to attach it onto the base of the central structure. begin the paper mache the structure after using tissue to build up the texture. keep adding the paper mache until the entire surface has been covered.

Step 3: Clay

when the surface has dried and set very hard, begin to roll pieces of clay into 3mm thick sheets and cover the surface with it. use water and your finger to seal the clay and this also leaves a great finish as it gets rid of any un even clay pieces.

Step 4: Paint

using brown acrylic paint (black and red with a little white) begin to apply very thin layers onto the surface using the sponge. you can use any method of painting its just the sponge leaves a nice, clean finish. cover the entire product, even the insides. this may be difficult and very time consuming. its also a good idea to keep a hair dryer on hand to make the paint set faster.

Step 5:

thank you to my beautiful girl friend for helping me with this product. youre so bloody talented.

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