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Introduction: Tree of Life Bracelet

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Four years ago, I made my first Tree of Life pendant. Two years later, a Tree of Life ring followed. More pendants followed, until it was time to put another spin on this project: a Tree of Life bracelet. I came across brown jewellery cord that I hadn't used in ages and felt like it would work great for macrame. A plain macrame bracelet felt a bit boring though, leaving me brainstorming about what to use it for. A good five minutes later, I was sketching out this bracelet and collecting my materials!

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Step 1: Materials

- Wire / I used silver plater copper wire of 0,5 mm
- Pliers
- Green beads
- Round metal circle
- Two wooden beads
- Brown jewellery cord

Step 2: Making the Trunk

Cut off eight pieces of wire. Take two of them and twist them together. Add the other seven wires by twisting them around the part of the trunk you already made.

Step 3: Tree Layout

Take your circle and try to get an idea of how long the trunk should be. Spread out all eight wires on the top to make the branches. Untwist the bottom part of the wires until you're happy with the length of the trunk in comparison to the circle. Separate the bottom part into four sets of two wires to make the roots. Twist the roots together in the sets of two you made, as can be seen in the last image. It doesn't matter if the wires are still a bit bent from the twisting, this works just fine with the look of the roots.

Step 4: Roots

Place the wire tree on top of the circle in the position that you like. Wrap the wires of the roots around the circle to lock them into place. Do this for all four sets of wires before cutting off the ends.

Step 5: Leaves

Spread out the eight wires on top of the circle and add the green beads to them. Once you've found a composition of shapes and colours that you like, wrap the wires around the circle and cut off the ends, just like you did with the roots.

Step 6: Adding Cords

Cut off a piece of cord and put it through the middle of the pendant. Fold it in half and hold the ends together. Add a bead and make a knot with the ends to lock the bead in place. Repeat this for the other side.

Both pieces should be about the total length of a bracelet your size.

Step 7: Macrame

Cut off a longer piece of wire, around 1 meter, and fold it in half. Place the middle underneath one of the cords you just added and start macrame-ing. Repeat this for the other side. When putting the bracelet around your wrist, the two macrame parts should be able to touch each other.

Step 8: Glueing and Cutting

Once you're done knotting, put a bit of glue on the last part of the macrame and cut off the remaining bit of cord.

Step 9: Final Result

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