Tree of Life Photo Edit Tutorial

Introduction: Tree of Life Photo Edit Tutorial

In this instructable, I will walk you through the process of creating those cool artsy Tree of Life breastfeeding photos. The photos represent the flow of life from mother to child through breast milk.

It seems the picsart app had been updated. I will either edit this or upload a new tutorial to reflect the changes.

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Step 1: Create New Project

Open your Picsart app. Click the plus sign to start a new project. Click edit. Select the picture you want to edit into a tree of life picture. You can use a nursing picture, bottle picture or even a pumping picture.

Step 2: Choose a Tree Sticker

Click the sticker button to choose a tree. You want a tree with no background. There are very few FREE trees like this. You can upgrade your app to premium ($) and get more if you'd like. You can also try removing the background yourself.

You'll need to search for trees. Start with "tree of life" in the search bar. I've also found trees just using "tree" to search.

Step 3: Adjust and Position Tree

You will use the adjustment tools to make the tree the size you want. You will put the tree branches/leaves on the baby's face.

*See next pages for how to combine 2 trees for a better fit.

Step 4: Erase Parts to Combine Trees

Use the eraser to remove part of the tree so that you can combine trees. Zoom in close and change the eraser to 100 hardness to have clean lines. Hardness at 50 will have soft fuzzy edges.

*In this example I removed the roots because I want bigger roots.

Step 5: Optional 2nd Tree

If you are combining trees you will add and adjust the 2nd tree using the tools so that it lines up with the 1st tree. Erase the excess part of the 2nd tree. After erasing fine tune the adjustment.

Step 6: Add Some Magic

Click the magic button to bring up the different artistic filters. Some of my favorites for Tree of Life photos are:

Step 7: Finish and Save Your Project

For this sample, I chose the Midnight filter. Click the white arrow in the upper right corner to access the save and share options. Then, click the save button. Finally, click on save to device. You can then share your image wherever you want.

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    2 years ago on Introduction

    It seems the picsart app has been updated. I will either edit this one or make a new tutorial to reflect the changes.


    2 years ago

    That's a neat idea :)