Treeduino - the Web Controlled Christmas Tree

Treeduino is the affectionately given to the Cross family Christmas Tree. Starting in 2009, visitors to a webpage were able to turn the lights on and off while viewing their actions through a live webcam feed. In 2010 I teamed up with Jacob Ford. Jacob did an awesome job on the website , and I was able to devote my time to working on the hardware and Arduino code. As part of the website, Jacob made a really hilarious FAQ to explain the whole shenanigans. I highly recommend checking it out, everything you could ever want or need to know is explained there.

In 2010, the Treeduino "made it big" and was posted on the main page of Sparkfun . Almost 6,000 unique visitors and more than 35,000 flashes of the lights later, we were absoloutely astonished. Not only did Spark Fun have thousnads of loyal blog readers, but the Arduino had survived!

...for high res images.

...for the Arduino Code.



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