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Introduction: Trellis Finial Assembly

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I like to grow peas on the deck and was looking for a way to make a different kind of teepee using garden stakes. One option is to tie the poles together at the top. This works but isn’t very durable or attractive.

I decided to design and 3D print a finial for the top of the rods. The angles of the holes dictate the spread at the bottom. This version needed to fit in a pot so I set the angle accordingly. I also wanted something bright to add color to the teepee. Red was chosen but other colors (green, white, black, purple, etc.) are generally available at any 3D print shop. My local library offers the service and charges $.25/gram for the print. This part cost less than $4.00.

I’ve included the 3D print file (*.STL) in case others would like to print their own. I’ve also included the STEP file if you would like to modify the design to meet your requirements.

Step 1: Materials

  • 3D Printed Finial
  • Heavy Duty Garden Stakes (7/16” diameter x 6’ Long)
  • String

Step 2: Design Features

The design is based off a triangular pyramid with 1.5” long sides and 2” tall.

Step 3: Design Features

The 7/16” diameter holes in the bottom are at 8 degree angles and are .75” deep. For a 6’ long stake, this works out to an outer ring of 24.5”

Step 4: Design Features

In the finial 3D model, small upturned ‘L’ brackets were added to each of the three sides to attach string. This string runs down to the base and is attached by a cross string in two places. The peas will climb the string and the legs of the as they grow.

Step 5: Installation

Plant peas or pole beans in a pot or in the ground. Place 7/16” diameter stakes into finial holes. Place other end of the stakes in the dirt. Tie string across the bottom sides of the stakes. Run string across finial hook and attach to cross string as shown.

Step 6: Pictures

I will post pictures later in the season to see how well this worked.

Step 7: Files

STL and STEP files included.

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    4 years ago

    I don't know what this is doing in the Technology thread. Just because you need a 3D printer to make it is no reason. Move it to Outdoors, or Gardening.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I debated on which thread to post. The only part that is unique in this instructable is the 3D printed part. The other parts (string and stakes) are purchased. Therefore, I think it falls predominantly under "3D Printing" which is listed under "Technology". Unfortunately, Instructables doesn't let you post under multiple categories.