Trenching Machine From a Burnt Angle Grinder




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We have a house in the hills of Cordoba and sometimes we don't get there in three or four weeks. In this lapse of time the grass grows significantly,invading sidewalks and pavers

Using the gears box of a burnt angle grinder,a car window motor,a stick from a polisher I made a trencher to clean the borders of sidewalks and pavers from grass

Step 1: Dismantle the Angle Grinder

Disarm the grinder to expose the rotor split the winded body and get the axis ready to conect to a motor

Step 2: Put the Handle

I use and stick from a old polisher machine as the handle

Drill a hole on the lower extreme and fix the stick to the gear body of the angle grinder with the corresponding bolt

Step 3: Placing a Weel

With a piece of iron made a ball bearing support to handle it and better operate it

Step 4: Powering the Trencher

A 12 volt car electric window motor powers the device by means of a plastic tube

The motor is fixed to the handle with a self threading bolt,to the plastic side of the motor, and a plastic clamp

Step 5: Energising

The energy comes from a house alarm battery

To hold it I made a support from iron angle and a part of a bike inner tube

Step 6: Connecting

Find the propper switch mark the handle and drill a rectangular hole to insert the switch in the handle

Conect the battery to the motor by inserting the switch in between as in the picture

Step 7: The Trencher Blade

The trench will be made for a wood blade cutted in a way to form an spiral as seen on the picture

To give it more firmness,I weld a small iron in order to get both ends of the cutted blade,separeted

Step 8: Testing on the Field

The trencher works fairly good cleaning ,of invading grass ,the border of the sidewalk

As an unespected result,I found that it could be used for instaling hoses for artificial irrigation,underground cables,and so on. We'll just need a bigger blade and a bigger motor I guess,but that will be theme for another instructable

Hope you like and could be usefull for you, if so please vote me for the backyard and metal contests. Thanks .BR



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    2 years ago

    Put relay, i made diy rotary tool, and when i tried to cut something it just melted my switch

    3 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi tutdude,thanks for the advice ,I used the trencher for about haf an hour and the switch not even warm up,but that is a point to considerate,cheers


    Reply 2 years ago

    Well depends on how much you motor is drawing, i took mine from old drill, and when its working hard it draws around 10A, and switch could handle only 5A


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thats right,this motor is drawing no more than 4amps,anyway I'm searching for a bigger motor that could drive a bigger blade ,thanks