Trendy Birdhouse Clock for Your Kitchen

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This gorgeous birdhouse clock is a lovely way to brighten up a room this spring, and it’d make a lovely new home creative crafts gift, too. The pretty patterned papers and delicate filigree clock hands work beautifully together and the sweet little bird adds a touch of whimsy. The birdhouse aperture adds depth and is easy to make and the clock mechanism is very straightforward to assemble. You’ll find your plenty of templates in google.

I’m sure you’re going to love creating this pretty projectand I’m sure you’ll agree that clock-watching has never been so enjoyable!".

Shopping list

Basic card kit, plus
* White mounting card * Kaiser Craft Needle and Thread patterned papers – Embroidery & Seam, from Merly Impressions* * Clock Hands – Filigree * Clock Hand – Second Sweep * Clock Movement – Medium, all from Fred Aldous* * Alphabet & numbers stencil * Buttons * Ribbon * Black pen.

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Step 1:

Using the templates on page 78, cut out two birdhouse shapes. On one of them, cut out the round aperture and stick pieces of double-sided tape around the edges

Step 2:

Cut the patterned paper to size and cover the birdhouse. Turn over, and snip the paper showing through the aperture – work from the centre to the aperture edge.

Step 3:

Remove the backing from the double-sided tape. Carefully fold the snipped paper strips back, covering the aperture edge, and stick down. Turn over to see the finished aperture!

Step 4: Attaching the Hands.

The clock hands are fixed to the mechanism at the back through a hole in the centre of the design. If you’d like to make sides for your clock to hide the mechanism, just measure and score a long strip of mount card to fit around it. Make it unique! You can customise this design using patterned papers to suit your own home décor.

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