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Introduction: Trendy Zipper Shirt

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Re-make your old t-shirt into a trendy new zipper shirt!

Zippers are very in this season.  They no longer exclusively used for function.  Throw a zipper on an old t-shirt as an embellishment and you are instantly trendy!

This instructable is extremely easy; this was my first time installing a zipper!

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Step 1: Materials

1. Shirt
2. Open ended zipper (doesn't have to be but that's what I used)
3. Sewing Machine (could do it by hand)
4. Scissors
5. Garment chalk
6. Pins

Step 2: Cut Shirt

Decide where you want your zipper to be installed.  I chose to put the zipper in the front center of my shirt.  

Using the garment chalk, draw a line on the shirt to mark where your zipper will go.  Make sure this line is STRAIGHT! Especially if it is down the center.  If it goes diagonal you will really be able to tell.

Cut along the line.

Step 3: Finish Edges

Fold and pin the cut edges of the shirt 1/2" under the shirt.  Do this for both edges.  This makes it easier to sew the zipper to the shirt and will look more polished.

Using your sewing machine sew the edges down (you can do this by hand).

Step 4: Install Zipper

Pin the zipper to the finished edge you made in the last step.  I decided to let a little bit of the black fabric on the zipper stick out because that was the style I was going for.

The zipper I chose ended up being longer than the shirt so I needed to shorten it.  To do this I cut some length off the top of the zipper.  However, I cut it after I sewed the zipper into the garment.  Since I used an open ended zipper I had to make sure the slider didn't fall off the track of the zipper.

Shortening Zipper Instructions:
Fold the zipper as seen in the image.  Tuck the extra zipper on the inside of the shirt so it is hidden.  Pin the zipper down so it stays folded like this for when you start sewing.

Sew the zipper into the shirt using your sewing machine.  Keep sewing to the top of the shirt (over where you folded the zipper in).  When I sewed over the folded part I used the hand wheel instead of the pedal so I could make sure the needle didn't hit the metal teeth and break.  Go back and forth over the folded zipper to ensure it stays in place. 

When you are done sewing cut off the extra zipper that was folded on the inside of the shirt.

Looking from the front you can see how the folded zipper will prevent the slider from coming off the zipper and how well the fold blends into the shirt.

Step 5: Marvel at Your Awesome New Shirt!

Looks like the zipper was meant to be there :)

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