Trepak [From the Nutcraker ] 01’17”

Introduction: Trepak [From the Nutcraker ] 01’17”

This is the 3D art work expressed performance collaborated with the real time digital technique. The coordinate value which is the source of this project is extracted from the conductor's motion, who is performing "trepak" from the Nutcracker composited Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
This 3D work is composed of the sculptural expression used by the real time digital technique. The aim of the project is to transform an invisible element, such as time and music, into visible form. I have wished to express invisible elements such as time track as the way like free and live drawing, and then, furthermore, I have became to wish making 3D mold using such drawings. This project is succeeded because of the remarkable development of 3D printer typed SLS(Selective Laser Sintering). SLS enable me to draw coordinate values of inside structure of invisible elements essentially considered to be impossible to interpret.

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Step 1: Trepak [From the Nutcraker ] 01’17”

1, Extract coordinate value of the conductor's motion is recorded during the selected music using "motion capture".
2, Then, transfer the numerical value into 3D mold.

3, The most significant feature of SLS is unnecessity of support material on the process of layering the 3D data.

Material : Nylon resin

Size : Righthand 3D mold H:450,W:300,D:300mm

  Lefthand 3D mold H:280, W:300,D:300mm

Weight : Righthand 3Dmold 300g

   Lefthand 3Dmold 500g

Structure : 3D mold by 3D printer typed SLS

Step 2: Trepak [From the Nutcraker ] 01’17”

I insist that art is attached great importance to its process and concept. In other words, the information such as those is also the essential element besides visual effect given by art works.

Today, the digital fabrication is widely penetrate among our life, but I think the art is not just the product, but one attached great importance to its process and concept. Including these, my artwork also means transformation of diversity of human possibility into real world as well.

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