Tri-Loop Quilled Earrings

Introduction: Tri-Loop Quilled Earrings

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Although these earrings may look daunting, they are actually composed of simple shapes, but manipulated in such a way that they look intricate. These earrings are perfect to ear to special events, weddings, and to work. Without further adieu, let's get started.

FYI: The earrings pictured on the model were made a few months ago. I didn't take pictures, and so the example today will be done with different colors than pictured on the model. However, when it gets to the part about using the earring materials, I will be using the earrings pictured on the model.

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Step 1: Materials

For these earrings, you will need;

3 1/2 strips of color A, (In this case red)

3 half strips of color B (In this case, skin tone)

2 small, loose coils preferably of color C


OPTIONAL: 1 strip of color C cut into thirds (to wrap around each "teardrop" shape)

2 earrings hooks

2 earring metal circles

Step 2: Making the Small Coils

Take a strip of colors A (red in the picture) and form a tight coil. If you have a circle template board, like I do, make sure the tight coil fits into the circle that is 1/8 inch in diameter. Repeat this with the other 2 strips. Glue down the ends, and then you can either place the tight coils back into the circle template, or on your workstation.

Step 3: Making the Loose Coils

Using the strips in color B (skin tone in the picture), form a loose coil. This coil should be about 1 inch in diameter, and again, if you have a circle template, place the coil in that hole. Repeat with the other 2 strips. Glue down the strips, and then you may either place the coil back into the circle template, or on your workstation.

Step 4: Forming the Teardrops

Take the loose coil made of color B, and pinch it at the edges, so it looks like the picture. The "bulk" of the coil should be in the middle. Glue the curved side, as shown in the second picture, and then place one of the tight coils into the center of the curve. Pinch the edges of the crescent shaped piece to the top of the tight coil, and glue it down. You may want to hold this down for a while to ensure that it is secure. Repeat this step with the remaining coils.

Step 5: Arranging the Earring

Place the teardrops like shown in the first picture. Glue them together, and then let dry. With another color, make a loose coil, and glue it to the top of the 3 teardrops. From here, take a small metal loop, and insert it into the loose coil on top. Hook the earring hook to the metal loop, and make sure it's secure.

Step 6: Finished Product

Once everything has dried, place a laquer onto the paper portion of the earrings so that water doesn't damage them. Voila! you have your earrings!

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