Triamese Cube (Single-Corner Connection Variation)

Introduction: Triamese Cube (Single-Corner Connection Variation)

Because a single cube is too mainstream..

The tutorial will teach you how to create your own Single-Corner Triamese Cube. Unlike the common triamese cube, this variation is only connected using one corner.

I based this tutorial on Ton Dennenbroek's 3x3x3 Siamese cube tutorial (

If you have any further queries regarding the tut, feel free to ask. I wasn't able to document the whole process very well, so I am expecting some clarifications regarding my work.

ADVANTAGE: easier to solve, compared to the normal Triamese version.
DISADVANTAGE: if the bond between the corners, and also the overall material of the cube, is weak, possible rupture will occur on the link. (pls diagnose the cubes that you will work on, as this will affect the whole process.)






Step 1: What You Need

3x Rubik's Cube

Super Glue
All Purpose EPOXY
Power Drill
Small Bow Saw
Grinding stones for drill

Step 2: Mark the Corners of Both Cubes That You Will Be Working On

Visual representation of the possible outcome of the project will help eliminate future problems, regarding the orientation of the cube.

Step 3: Remove Both MARKED Corners of the Cubes.

Saw from the other corner the section with the pin. Then, remove approximately 2 mm from the outside, making the pin much thinner so it could fit the other corner later.

Step 4: Remove From the First Corner a Round Section

This is where the corner segment (the PIN) will be placed.
(Accurately creating this hole is not important.)

Step 5: Join the Two Pieces Together

At this point, try to fit the two pieces, especially the PIN, to the cube. After creating the perfect orientation, bind the two pieces using the super glue. In order to strengthen the piece, apply the EPOXY to the bonded area. 

WARNING: Try to avoid applying the putty to the external part of the piece, as this may affect the connection between the other pieces.

Leave the piece for 24hrs to make sure that the EPOXY is completely hardened.

Step 6: The Second Piece

Repeat the process for the next piece, starting from Step 1 up to Step 5.

Step 7: FIN

Assemble the pieces. Then..

CELEBRATE! You have a new AWESOME Triamese Cube.






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