Triangle Cats

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Intro: Triangle Cats

 I used to do little sketches of my cats when I was a kid that were just their head. Two of my cats had very round faces, one had, I decided, a pointy triangular face. This little stuffed version could be made with the concept that it's just a plush version of just the cats face, or if you add a tail as I have, you might assume that the kitty feet a buried somewhere in the mass of fur so that the whole cat is just one big triangle shape, right up to the pointy ears!  Finished with embroidery floss and stuffed with cotton fill.



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    could you maybe make one of these for me that was the maneki neko(japanese good luck cat) it has a bobbed tail and a calico pattern(brownish black spot on the back, orange blotch around right eye) i can't crochet or knit worth a buck, but it seems like you can.


    5 years ago

    Hi I just joined today, I was wondering how do you make it?