Triangle Side Table




Introduction: Triangle Side Table

This easy to assemble side table can be adjusted to your own home by choosing your own colour of filament and a fun fabric. The sturdy top surface can be used to place on a glass of water while the hammock at the bottom comes in handy for the storage of small items.

Step 1: Materials

1pc - 12mm multiplex 500x440

3pc - Ø22 wooden stick

1pc – fabric of choice 600 x 500

PLA filament in colour of choice

Step 2: Tools

3D printer





Ø37 hole saw

Sanding paper

Clear Varnish


Step 3: Printing

Print the pieces needed: 3pc corner piece, 3pc feet, 2pc reinforcement

Step 4: Wood Parts

Use the Jigsaw to cut the multiplex and wooden stick to the right measurements. Then cut the holes with the hole saw. Finish the wooden pieces by sanding them down and applying the varnish. Follow the instruction on the packaging for this.

Step 5: Fabric Part

Cut the fabric to the right measurements with the scissors. If you’re more experienced with sewing you can sew two pieces of fabric to each other so you get the side of the pattern on both sides. Or give the fabric some folds so it has more form when its hanging.

Step 6: Assmebly Part 1

Put the corner of the fabric through a hole in the corner of the multiplex and place the corner piece over it, do this three times for every corner.

Step 7: Assembly Part 2

Put a leg in every corner piece. Always place the next one above the previous one. Do this in a clockwise order to make sure the reinforcements will fit.

Step 8: Assembly Part 3

Put the hole of the reinforcements over a random leg and secure it to a leg next to it.

Step 9: Assembly Part 4

Finish the side table by placing the feet on all of the legs.

Step 10: Assembly Part 5

Turn everything around and you can start using it

instructional video (Dutch)

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    4 years ago

    Well done! I like the open corner detail on the top pieces.


    4 years ago

    Good I'm gonna do this.